ISLA (is • la)




260+ islands 

  • Hong Kong

  • Kowloon 

  • New Territories

  • Lamma

  • Lantau

  • Cheng Chau

  • Peng Chau

  • Po Toi

  • Tai O

  • Ap Lei Chau

  • Ching Chau

  • Flat Island

  • Grass Island

  • Green Island

  • Kiu Tau

  • Ko Pai

  • Lo Chau

  • Lo Shue Pai

  • Ma Wan

  • Middle Island

  • Ng Fan Chau

  • Ngau Tau Pai

  • Peng Chau

ISLA, means ‘island’ in Spanish, pays tribute to Hong Kong’s golden age when the island city prospered through the hard work of its people. Wherever they were, Islanders eagerly sought opportunities to flourish, building upwards when they couldn’t build across, establishing athletic clubs on rooftops.


ISLA Athletic Co. is a nod to that studious culture and a celebration of the past and the present. ISLA Athletic Co.  is inspired by the island's Eastern and Western heritage, the surrounding islands, the buzzing skyscrapers alike, while the designs of our clothing are modelled off of those used by athletic clubs & teams not so long ago. Combining that with Hong Kong’s urban culture, we represent the spirit of Hong Kong both then and now. 


Athletics is about being prepared. ISLA will always be ready to lunge at opportunities or even better, create its own.