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FW23 I Fall Essentials

In a world where the hustle demands both style and simplicity, our first take for Fall Winter 2023 emerges as the answer to your fashion dilemmas. This carefully curated collection is all about effortlessly mixing and matching, to prepare you for those "what to wear" moments. Consider these pieces the building blocks of your wardrobe, the essentials that elevate your athletic style. The lineup comprises our classic Team Souvenir Tee, sees the return of the Mascot print to match with the two straightforward yet stylish Team Explorer Shorts.

Create your next OOTD pairing the Souvenir Tee with the Team Explorer Shorts. The water repellent and minimal Explorer Shorts sports a drawstring waistline for maximum comfort and embroidered emblems to create that effortless yet stylish look.

Wrap it up with the return of the Team Baseball Shirt captivating the Lion Rock Spirit. With the revival of the iconic Team Baseball Shirt in striking Isla Green paired with vibrant orange accents. The Baseball Shirt pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich history with the celebrated Lion Rock mountain. The back pleat unveils 4 hidden Chinese characters "獅山鎭龍", symbolising the Lion Rock ruling over the nine dragons of Kowloon, a true nod to the work ethic the Isla.

Fall Winter 23 offers the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Experience the charm of versatility and redefine your everyday look with Isla Athletic I 香島躰育 essentials online now!