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Isla Athletic Rebrands With New Logo Branding

Hong Kong athleisure label Isla Athletic 香島躰育 has officially unveiled its brand new logo, marking the first change in its brand identity since first founded in 2021. Switching out the iconic rectangular design and dominant Chinese font branding. The new logo opts for a classic yet modernised ensemble of lines and resizing of both Chinese and English character names. The current logo retains minimal aesthetics and strokes, to evoke 80's Chinese signages and connection between the past and future.

Isla Athletic 香島躰育 committed to a new branding identity that is based on the Chinese charter – 香. The 香 branding will appear throughout Isla items, promotional and social media content to evoke a sense of pride and loyalty to the Hong Kong brand.

Isla Athletic 香島躰育 has also launched their new campaign #islagreen to solidify the hallmark moss green as the signature shade for Isla Athletic. Fans can now tag the brand and look out for objects around the island resembling the brand's iconic color.


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