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23 MAY, 2024


Isla Athletic 香島躰育 returns to Spring/ Summer 2024 with the official lookbook, offering an assortment of silhouettes embracing the radiant months. The Spring/ Summer 2024 collection is filled with a refreshing line of new styles, integrating high-quality patterns & details alongside a fusion of colour & motifs. Among the collection, a classic collared football jersey along with a lightweight button down with embroidery detailing, colour blocking & pattern.

Male model is 179cm and 69kg wearing size M

Female model is 166cm and 55kg wearing size XS

Cantonese Culinary Herbs Crest Motif

Showcasing the new crest motif, the Cantonese culinary herbs includes, star anise, fennel, pepper, cloves & other herbs. The crest symbolises the essence of Cantonese home cooking, paying homage to the nickname, "the fragrant harbour",  connecting the island's cultural identity & embroidered on the new classic football jersey in this collection. The new crest proudly reminds us of the comforting essence of home, while elegantly adorning the latest classic football jersey of the season.

Introducing the Football Jersey for Spring/Summer 2024, the uniform captures the soul of classic European football clubs. The ivory collared jersey sports maroon & signature Isla Green stripe embroidery while embodying the legendary number “10” worn by football legends including,  Maradona, Pele & ZIdane. Showcasing the latest crest motif at the collar, the Football Jersey embodies European football flair while making it into a Spring/ Summer staple.

Male model is 179cm and 69kg wearing a size L

Isla Athletic 香島躰育 captures casual sophistication with the Leisure Shirt. A button-down shirt zeroing in on premium details & patterns, the shirt embraces the tranquil vibes of the season while offering practicality with hidden side pockets. Featuring an intricate embroidery pattern depicting basketball players in different shooting motions in vibrant colours. Whether you're by the beach or a night out, the Leisure Shirt is a must-have addition to your summer wardrobe that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

Male model is 179cm and 69kg wearing size M | Female model is 166cm and 55kg wearing a size XS

Isla Athletic 香島躰育 Spring/ Summer 2024 is available now online.


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