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The hoops differ but the love for the game remains the same - ISLA ATHLETIC x LOCAL HOOPS

Hong Kong sporting good brand, Isla Athletic, and the New York street ball brand company Local Hoops formed their first international basketball collaboration.

The two vibrant cities of Hong Kong and New York are both known as "the city that never sleeps." Not only sharing many characteristics, such as a high cost of living, the ability to maximize compact spaces, and the development of advanced financial infrastructure, the love of the game of basketball buzzes through these metropolises.

NY: West Forth Street Courts

HK: Hennessy Road Playground

It goes without saying that both cities have an unquestionable passion for basketball, with famous basketball courts located right in the midst of the cities (Hennessy Road PlayGround/ West Forth Street Courts), to utilising roof tops (Kai Yip Estate) and into the hearts of the everyday hooper (840 Columbus Avenue)

NY: 840 Columbus Avenue

HK: Kai Yip Recreation Centre

Through this partnership with Local Hoops, the new collection—inspired by courts, diversity, and neighborhoods—is now online.


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